We at KT&C strive to design life solutions.

CI is more than just logo. It is a design scheme made up of a number of core elements and guiding principles that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that is immediately recognizable as KT&C. CI is an important element to form business image so it is used according to guides

Logo clear space

To preserve the KT&C logo’s integrity, always surround the logo with sufficient clear space. This clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements such as other logos, copy, photography or background patterns that may divert attention. The minimum clear space is defined as 50% of the height of the “K” in the logo.

Color System

KT&C’s logo is made with gradient of sky blue color. The sky blue color is used at numerous points of modern society with various meanings, in KT&C logo, it represents our futureoriented vision. The heritage of video surveillance has been restrictive to the public, but had been terminated with the innovation of new technology. We at KT&C promise you that we would be fully devoted to design life solutions to the world.

The color used in the logo represents
KT&C’s future-oriented vision

KT&C’s logo should be reproduced in color whenever possible. White is the most effective background on which to reproduce color logo because it proves a clean, crisp contrast for the logo’s color and elements. If color reproduction is not available or is not viable option, the logo should be reproduced in gray or as a full-reverse in white out of a color background. When the KT&C logo is placed on a photographic image, the image behind the logo should be light enough to provide contrast for the positive logo or dark enough to provide contrast for the reverse logo.