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Q. How can I reset my product to the factory default settings?
For analog and HD cameras, there is a factory default (or camera reset) enu in the OSD. It’s right before RETURN menu.
For IP megapixel cameras, there is a reset button (Dome) inside the bubble / (Bullet) inside the safe cover / (Box and Miniature) in the back.
Q. Can I use KT&C cameras with other 3rd party NVRs? Like Milestone?
A. Basically, all KT&C IP cameras support ONVIF protocol. Also, KT&C cameras are integrated with various 3rd party NVRs.
Check the list below. (in alphabetical order)
3xLogic Nuuo
Digital Watchdog Onssi
Exacq Qnap
Luxriot Video Insight
Milestone VisionHQ
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Q. In what circumstances should I use the Micro-SD card recording?
A. Usually, the user should have access to all recordings from IP camera through the internet. There are some conditions that the user can’t connect to the camera, such as irresistible natural disasters, loss of power source, or unidentified cause. If you had set-up the event recording using Micro-SD card, you could access to the event recording data to see what happened during the black-out.
Q. I can’t decide between IP and hybrid solution, which would be better for commercial sites?
A. KT{{"&"}}C provides solutions for various security circumstances. Usually, it differs by the infrastructure. If the site provides full cabling with BNC cable, we recommend you to adapt the hybrid solutions, so that you could use the infrastructure. If you are building a brand new system, we recommend you to establish the IP network solution. For typical solutions, you can find information at Home > Video Surveillance > Solutions or for more information, contact us by filling out this form or at
Q. I need to use both LPR cameras and standard cameras at the same time. Will I be able to see the full footage on one screen or do I need to install DVRs separately?
A. With Central Management Software, you can see all video footage from various camera types, even LPR cameras and standard cameras at the same time. For further information, contact us by filling out this form or at
Q. I tried to look up IP camera over internet, but I couldn’t see it. I have no idea what the problem is.
A. To access to KT&C IP camera, you have to install an ActiveX Control to connect to the URL. Using Internet Explorer, try following steps.

1. In IE9, IE10, or IE11, click/tap on Tools on the Menubar, and go to step

2. Turn off ActiveX filtering by unchecking it, then refresh (F5) IE to apply.

3. To install ActiveX, you need to run IE as administrator. To do that, right-click on the IE icon.

4. Make sure you have disabled/unchecked ActiveX filtering, then connect to the URL.