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Principal finance sites need protection against threats such as violence and theft.
-Centralized monitoring:
To control and manage all branches with unified system, KT&C provides a range of surveillance units.
Financial sites need reliable, 24/7 surveillance.
Entrance Surveillance ‒ Zoom
Zooming in and out is important for monitoring the entrance. Digital zoom could be the solution, but there is distinct difference between opti- cal zoom and digital zoom. To get concrete evidence, KT&C recommends you the optical zoom camera.
WDR technology helps to get detailed information in harsh lighting, by capturing alternate frames using different exposure times. The frame with longer exposure time captures details in darker parts of the scene, while the frame with shorter exposure time captures the brighter areas. The camera combines the optimal portions of these two complementary frames to produce the most detailed image possible.
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ATM - Miniature
The issue of monitoring ATM is clear. The space limitation. It is difficult to find precise figures, but KT&C is well-known for miniature cameras. We provide you various miniature cameras, with range of functional differ- ences that meets your needs.