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The image quality has been reached halfway, the issue is to combine the latest technology with the legacy.
Hybrid solution uses the analog infrastructure. Replace the cameras and DVRs, without changing the wire connection.
With auto-detecting universal port DVR, it is easy to establish the hybrid system. Just install the camera, connect at any port of DVR, and start recording.
HD-TVI Camera
Analog-based solution has been dominating the video surveillance market. The desire for HD resolution has invented the IP cameras, but most of participants in security business are used to analog infrastructure. The HD-TVI camera transmits through BNC cable, with high definition video signal for over 300 m. In brief, it is high definition camera with ordinary analog surveillance infrastructure.
Universal port DVR
Universal port DVR is key component for hybrid solution. Before this invention, the hybrid solution was not perfect. The universal port DVR is what receives both SD and HD signal through BNC cable. The key benefit of KT&C’s universal port DVR is that the DVRs are equipped with auto detect function. Auto detection in DVRs mean that the user does not need to distinguish the port type for analog or HD.
Security Monitor
In video surveillance, the monitor is somewhat different from ordi- nary monitor for computers. The monitors for security application have various input ports, including VGA, S-video, BNC, and HDMI. Transferring audio and video signal is easy with security monitor. In addition, KT&C’s security monitor can adjust display ratio through OSD.
HD-SDI Camera
HD-SDI cameras provide superior surveillance performance com- pared to normal SD cameras. The HD-SDI camera uses analog wiring infrastructure and does not have the image-quality issues, delays and buffering, or expenses and inconveniences of network cameras.
Analog Camera
Before the invention of new video technology, the analog-based solution and systems were all over the world. Even after HD video has been developed, some participants disagree about adopting the new system. Analog camera has been developing since, to be able to offer better image quality.