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Every IP camera has a unique IP address and connects to the inter- net, enabling user s to monitor video feed from any location.
-Intelligent analysis:
With better software compatibility than analog cameras, IP cameras are best suited for video intelligence.
To use IP video surveillance thoroughly, integration of IP camera is necessary. KT&C IP cameras support ONVIF Profile S to ease the inte- gration.
-Remote Accessibility:
The major benefit of integrating IP video surveillance is that you can access and manage the live or recorded video from anywhere in the world.
IP Camera
The potential of IP camera is infinite. The desire for high quality has been growing throughout years. As a result, the resolution limit is broken every year. Megapixel IP camera is the farmost highest of all. The analysis that was imagined over the years had been brought to real life through IP- based surveillance.
The NVR is necessary for IP solution. It works as same as the DVR in other solutions, but the difference is that NVR could support power for the IP cameras through PoE ports.
The encoder is what we need to reuse the analog camera and not replac- ing the camera itself. Some may be concerned that the IP-based solu- tions indicate only using IP cameras, but in fact, there is a way to use analog cameras in IP solution.
Security Monitor
In video surveillance, the monitor is somewhat different from ordinary monitor for computers. The monitors for security application have vari- ous input ports, including VGA, S-video, BNC, and HDMI. Transferring audio and video signal is easy with security monitor. In addition, KT&C’s security monitor can adjust display ratio through OSD.
Video Management Software
To secure every inch of wide area, hundreds of cameras should be installed. Watching over every footage could be difficult with limited per- sonnel. To manage everything under control, the Video Management Software (VMS) is the solution. VMS gathers the footage from IP cameras and NVRs, then put it on the screen. VMS is equipped with the video ana- lytics to monitor the video footage efficiently.