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Outdoor surveillance have a lot of requirements due to installing conditions. These conditions lead to limitation of camera selection, but KT&C has variety of qualified cameras.
-IP rating:
KT&C IP cameras support Micro-SD/SDHC, which can be used as a black box.
Zoom in and out, figure out where you want to see.
WDR technology helps to get detailed information in harsh lighting, by capturing alternate frames using different exposure times. The frame with longer exposure time captures details in darker parts of the scene, while the frame with shorter exposure time captures the brighter areas. The camera combines the optimal portions of these two complementary frames to produce the most detailed image possible.
Ingress Protection (IP) rating defines protection against solid objects and liquid on a 0-6 and 0-8 scale. IP66 housing means it’s dust-tight and protected against strong jet-water.
True Day/Night feature can be used for precise color reproduction. With built-in dual filter system, as known as Infrared Cut filter Removal (ICR) mechanism, the infrared cut filter can be used at day time, or in bright lighting conditions, to provide enhanced image in full-color. At night time, or in harsh lighting conditions, it will be removed for greater light sensitivity in monochrome mode.
DNR technology is crucial for surveillance camera. 3DNR works by ana- lyzing the differences between successive frames in order to adjust pixels and improve.